One hole, two hole, three – if you include my scrunchie.
"Men mark feminism a dirty word
while we’re still cleaning up generational traumas from shocks in the psyche ward.
Because woman are crazy.
Woman are bossy.
Woman are e-mo-tion-al.
They are housekeepers wearing wife-beaters unaware of how the t-shirt got its name. 
This is for the women who never got a chance to speak.
Who copied a man’s poems for publishing while her journal collected dust.
Who wrote thousands of lines explaining the difference between fucking and love
and life and drugs,
who knew despair from the quilt she’d sewn
and still finished with something beautiful,
although the world would never know. 
We are as diverse as patterns on butterfly wings,
stronger than diamonds
because we break and compress,
break and compress,
break and compress
until we wither and explode,
until we wither and explode,
until we take our power back."
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